The Country Drive In
All dressing is served 'on the side'
Dressing choices: Fat Free and Regular French, Fat Free and Regular Ranch, Zesty Ranch, Gochujang, 1000 Island, or Blue Cheese

all salads come with tomato, onion, black 
olives and shredded cheddar cheese
Steak Salad (gf)   $13.00
Asian Chicken Salad Grilled (gf) or Crispy Chicken      8.50 
(almonds and Korean Gochujang dressing)   
Taco Salad (taco sauce and sour cream)    8.00
Fajita Salad (gf)        8.00
Grilled (gf) or Crispy Chicken Salad      8.00

                      Add buffalo sauce to your chicken for a kick! +.50


French Fries (gf)    $2.75
Tator Tots (gf)              2.75
Onion Rings (9)        3.75
Cheese Puffs (4oz.)        4.25
Sweet Potato Fries        3.50
Breaded Mushrooms (9)        3.50
Pickle Chips (4oz.)        4.00
Cowboy Tots (5) (gf)                 5.25
Mozzarella Sticks (6)      5.00
          Mozzarella sticks include marinara sauce
Mini Tacos (9)      4.75
Mini Tacos include salsa
Potato Salad (gf)       2.50
Cole Slaw (gf)      2.50
Tossed Salad (gf)    3.50

Chicken Nuggets 20 pcs, 2 sauces         8.00

Chislic 8oz steak tips, fried & seasoned        9.00

BASKET of...
French Fries (gf)    $5.50
Tator Tots (gf)    5.50
Onion Rings            7.50